System support and services

We offer IT solutions on web hosting services, network and data security, backup/disaster recovery, spyware protection, IT consulting and virtualization based on the unique business needs helping business growth effectively, minimize IT risk in the future and focus on achieving more.

We create tailor-made security solutions that are built around unique business needs. Whether an organization is in need of PC protection, data security management, Internet security, network and data security, spyware protection, computer data security, wireless network security, or virus removal, we’ve got it. Our platform service covers Microsoft Windows Server, VMware vSphere ESXi and vCenter, Citrix XenServer, or Linux servers (CentOS, Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise).

Web development and design

We deliver complete package for front end and back end web services and content management solutions with high maintainability, scalability and reliability paving a way to showcase valuable work and improve customer experience.

Mobile application development

Our mobile app developers with years of experiences in IOS and Android app design and development are committed to transform ideas into sleek and smoothly design apps that increases visibility to customers at all times, market more directly and build brand recognition in the market.

Software testing and quality assurance

We have laid a proven, structured and comprehensive testing and QA methodologies to fully test the product or component and leverage the power of feature-rich testing tools to deliver the added benefit of automation which greatly reduces the complexity, risks and the operating cost over the life span of the product.

Customized application development

Our team of mavericks in technology and software development are committed to review the business needs, optimize the requirements and deliver the design and its solution efficiently to help remain one step ahead from the competitors.